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Poems Bert sent to Louise
Dated March 29, 1943

My Treasures

Willis A. Potter

Among the treasure of me heart,
The things I think are fine
are expressed in such completeness
Where those treasures all combine
Now the treasure of my treasures
that gives meaning to the rest,
That adds the joy and happiness
With which my life is blessed
and supplies the inspiration
Is the one I love and cherish
My devoted, darling Wife.
I value well my knowledge
Of the Gospel's saving grace
That all mankind through faithfulness
May see our Savior's face.
I treasure all the truths revealed,
The privileges I've had,,
Just to count my many blessings
cheers my soul when I am sad.
While the Gospel plan I try to live
And Value with my life,
The highest glory may never be
Attained without my wife.
A wealth of knowledge found in books
Is mine if I desire;
Some books to me are treasures
Of which I never tire.
It is great to learn from others
And the many truths discern;
The may offer words of wisdom,
If a person craves to learn.
Now books may mean a lot to me,
But any books I prize
May mean much more to share then
With the one I idolize.
I really love good music
With moods so widely varied,
It thrills me and reminds me of
The lovely girl I married.
Song are really melodies
Befitting to a rhyme:
The best endure in memory
And stands the test of time.
Music may stir me to the depths
And consolation bring:
My (Beloved) knows my favorites
Are the ones we used to ding.
This treasure that I'm speaking of
I'm really speaking to-
My Darling, all the joys of life
Are glorified with you.
In this day, we a year ago
Became forever one;
We have been so greatly favored
In all the things we've done.
While on the day we're far apart,
Your love, sincere and true,
Will be treasured by your husband,

Forever loving you.




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