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Love Letters In The Sands Of Time. A romantic's dream. Letters from the past. A long ago romance to warm your heart and touch your emotions. You'll yearn to read the next letter, worry this one may be the last. Letters written by an American soldier during World War II to his beloved Louise..

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Bert & Louise
Love Letters In The Sands Of Time

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Drafted (F) Bert's Draft Notice Drafted (A) Actual Copy In the Army/Grandad' Letter (F)
In the Army Telegram (A) Merry Christmas Bert Merry Christmas Vance
Poem One (A) Essentials Missing
Original Hand Written
Poem One (F) Text only Poem Two (F) My Treasure
Poem Two (A) My Treasure page 1 My Treasure page 2-4 My Treasure Envelope
V-Mail From Ireland (A) Envelope V-Mail Ireland Letter (A&F) Letter from Ireland(F)
Poem: Game of Make Believe Louise's Journal 1 Louise's Journal 2
Louise's Journal 3
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"Love Letters In The Sands Of Time"

"Babe And Vance"

Over 200 True Love Letters From An American Soldier.

The setting is World War II. The letters are presented daily,

  just as they were written. A true experience of Long Distance Romance.  

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