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Actual V-Mail Letter

Louise's First V-Mail Letter From Bert

My father, Bert, had a clever way of letting my mother, Louise, know when he had been moved to a new location without telling her where he was stationed. He would tell her how many steps his barracks was from the canteen (recreation hall). Sharon.......

In Northern Ireland

November 4,1943

My Darling Wife,

Well here I am again darling . Still thinking of you and loving you with all my heart and soul. You are to me everything I love and I am thinking of you all the time.

Has been some time since I have been able to write to you but I was thinking of you all the time anyway.

This is nice looking country, have lots of farming and every field is fenced off in little patches like the ones in Oregon and the weather is sure like Oregon in the wintertime. So you know how it is over here.

You know hon I wouldn't take a lot for what I have seen and the experiences I've had since I left there but I sure would like to be in my babes arm's instead of so far way but I guess I will be some of these days.

I have received several letter from you since I got here and you must be having quite a time with Barb and Grandpa down there with you. You can tell Granddad that I won't be mad at him so he doesn't have anything to worry about. Tell him that I may not be able to write to him for a while but will some of these days.

So Frank is working in a garage now. Good for him. Will be something different for him anyway.

What has my baby been doing for herself . Anything new or just waiting for the mailman to come around.

Hope you will be able to read this when you do get it.

Oh yes, it's sure dark around here without any lights at night. Blackout every night you know.

Well baby I best hit the hay and remember I Love You.

Good night darling.

Ever and Always,



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