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I just went through Chemotherapy for cancer. The nausea and tired feeling was so awful, but the worst was losing my hair. My husband loved my hair and would tease me about how thick it was. He would joke that he could get lost in it and never be found! I was so embarassed and ashamed when I lost it. I thought I would lose him too. He is the love of my love. We went to his Christmas party, although my heart wasn't in it. I had bought a wig, but it just didn't look right. After an hour of trying to fix it I gave up and cried. All of a suddenI felt a hand on my shoulder. My husband gently removed the wig, gave me a hug and told me with or without my hair I was still the most beautiful women he had ever seen. I went to that party without that wig and held my head high. I did feel beautiful, but most of all, the most cherished woman to ever live. He tells me he has his own Demi Moore and that Bruce Willis should be so lucky!! He is my knight

Laurie Emerson

Laurie, I cried with happy for your Loving entry. Thanks for touching my heart with beauty and love.


My mind has not a moment's rest of peace

A calm heart could not love a man as you

For you are fire that melts the very ice

That turns the world's hearts to marbled stone

My heart cannot be blanketed by snow

For the fire that is you leaps, unquiet, in my soul.

Michelle Simpson


Even in the saddest of times,

knowing that you are loved can lighten the load.

(For my husband, Robert)

Gina Davis


Red-gold fire

Cool blue eyes

Like a crystal sea

Under a beautifully blue sky

Ice and fire

Fire on ice?

Someday, someday

The two extremes will become

A warm shower on a velvet summer night

Michelle Simpson


I think the most romantic day of my life was the day my son was born. The look on my husbands face as he held our son for the first time was indescribable. After everything settled down, he ran out to the same restaurant we had our wedding night dinner at and brought back the same thing we had then. The next day, he filled the hospital room with flowers. He also did the same on the day our daughter was born. He would also get up with both me and the baby and hold us while I fed the baby.

Charity Figearo



What do I remember most about her?

Well, let me see. The years,

Like long-dead leaves,

Muffle the footsteps

Of memory.

The first time I ever saw your grandmother,

I came upon her at her bath

In the stream behind her father's kraal.

Her tiny feet flashed in the shallows when she ran.

I was just a boy of twelve,

Those eighty summers past,

But those little feet still fly

Across the years.

Hope you like it.

* 1993 Dave Willis


Texas Love

Ever since I was born in Brownwood, Tx, I talked more than I should

but my brothers knew that and wanted me to tell them more, if only I would

So this is the story of how I met the beauty of Texas

I won't talk about my brains and looks, just about the rest

She came riding past my ranch, right next to the trees

Her kinky hair shining brightly, her lips a flappin in the breeze

So I lets out a loud whistle, but she didn't even turn her head

She kept her eyes right on the road, and turned her pointed ears instead

Now I wanted to catch the beauty's attention, but I couldn't catch her eye

Til one day she thew the darn thing at me, the next day she road by

So I put on my peddlers sellin' smile and greased my hair down good

and scraped the cow dung off my boots, like a Texas man a courtin' should

Well I went lookin in Texas for her, when something grabbed me by the neck

and dragged me for a mile or two or maybe three - by heck

It turned out to be my sweetie as she had drug me to her house

and said that she had chosen me to be her ever lovin' spouse

She said that I could kiss her as she'd soon be my bride

so I did that very thing, when she finally could move her nose aside

On a sunny day we got married up, in the big church all done up right

with all my sorted family there, the painted statues had a great fright

Proudly, we walked up to the hotel, me and my brand new bride

and the clerk said that I was welcome, but to leave my horse outside

My love told the clerk he wasn't very nice, and this type of talk would never do

Well she didn't rip his tongue out, but it stretched a foot or two.

Now later in life I understand the clerk, for he meant no dirty crack

for very late at night when I am rushed, I throw a saddle on her back

Well I learned quick and hard, and learned it good of course

That the next time I fall in love to be more careful, its hard to ride that horse

Well now we have three lovely colts and that's the story of how I got my wife

And of how I freely choose and won the best, that's the story of a ranchers life

Now all the local studs are jealous, they clearly lost cus I took the best

I picked out a real jewel, and their choice was with the rest

Now if in this conteset, my love gets a heart jewel

That would be make my next ride - very, very cool

Charles Powell


Although we can never be

anything more than friends

I see, but because because

you mean so much to me,

I hope that friends

we'll always be.

Rita Orich


Forever I had loved you from the moment we first met.

Your smiling eyes and playful way I would not soon forget.

But you knew not the love that I had longed to give to you

And like a free bird scared to perch, away from me you flew.

Many nights I lay awake thinking of your face

Would you hold me once again, was it worth the chase?

Finally, my heart broke down, I couldn't bear the pain,

I'd seen you with another, all my hopes had been in vain.

Countless weeks and months on end, my soul within me wrenched,

I could not shake the thoughts of you, in liquor my sorrow drenched.

Time and time again I thought I will regain what's lost.

Through sex, and drugs, and rock-n-roll I back and between tossed.

I shut down my emotions and regressed into a shell,

Denied that I had feeling, and that life on earth was hell.

I thought that fate had deemed me doomed to ever be alone,

But what? That can't be you, calling on the telephone.

"What is it?" I asked coldly, trying hard to act unfeeling

But when you asked me out to lunch, my insides started reeling.

And from that point begins a love I never thought I'd know,

With each day it seems our passion finds new ways to flow.

Your gentle arms comfort me when things seem dark and bleak

You know what I am thinking before I have a chance to speak.

I poured my soul out to you and you did to me the same,

The depth of our devotion should give us a claim to fame.

I feel as if I'm one with you, I never thought it'd be.

That a fairy tale romance could ever be for you and me.

it seems like only yesterday we finally said "I do."

And now a child to strengthen the pact and make things all seem new.

I'll never want another, you're my one and only love

Truly ours was destined, a rare gift from up above.

Brandy Mills


My daughter and her future husband met 4 years ago as Disney College Program participants. Last month, Rob took Michele to Florida on a the pretense of accompanying him on a business trip. While there, they went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant where they had their first date. Then, while watching the Epcot nightly fireworks display, Rob proposed, on bended knee, in front of the popcorn wagon where they worked and first met!

The wedding is scheduled for March, 1998 at...where else...the Wedding Pavilion at Walt Disney World!

Kathy Waters


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