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    Bert & Louise

Text: Romantic Letters

    Love Letters In The Sands Of Time

Romance & Love From Long Ago

Journal of Louise as she left Oregon to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet Bert on his 1st 7 day furlough. He was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.


January 14, 1943

Woke up at 7:00 a.m. and was it cold. The man and woman in the upper and lower 7 are feeling rather groggy this morning. We four girls had breakfast together - Hot cakes and coffee.

The sun is shinning at times today. Our train is 2 hours late. Hope I don't have any lay layovers. Crossed the Great Salt Lake. It was very calm and a little hazy. Arrived in Ogden shortly after 1 p.m. My partner left me here, but am ridding with the other girls until nightfall.

We were only supposed to be here an hour and a half but it was four hours. instead. Arrived in Greenriver, Wyoming at 9:30pm. Now an in a dirty coach. Several drunks on it. Sure wish I had a Pullman. Hope I don't have to get off this train Really I'm afraid to ride alone. Am really afraid to go to sleep and I don't mean maybe, but I sure wouldn't let anyone know it.

I wonder what my darling is doing tonight. Sure wish you were here to protect me darling.

Goodnight dear diary.

Friday, A.M.

January 15, 1943

Didn't have to spend the night in the old dirty coach after all. Met a very charming girl by the name of Erma. We talked to the conductor and he put us in a chair car. Was ever so much better but I was just too worn out to sleep. Arrived in Denver, Colorado, at 9:30 a.m. Found out about the train time then Erma and I found a Beauty Shop, and got a shampoo and set. What a hair do. We had to comb it all over and then it looked like nothing different. After lunch we went shopping and window shopping and who should I meet but a former school chum of mine from Cottage Grove, Oregon, Charles Teel. Didn't have much time to talk. We met again at the depot. He and a buddy, Erma and I had drinks. Erma wanted to get rid of them but I wanted to visit. After phoning Betty Jo, Charles and I had pie and coffee and then we said good-bye Wish I had seen him sooner, for we didn't have much time to talk over old times He was on a troop train. I'm sure I would have enjoyed my visit to Denver a great deal more with other than Erma. She is certainly a hard one to get rid of. Wish I could have seen Betty Jo but not this time. Maybe on my return trip.

7:45 p.m. Here I sit waiting for my train that was to have left at 7:30. They say we will leave a 8:45. Maybe I'll get to Lincoln some time.

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