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A very special Christmas message. From across the miles and the sands of time.

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A letter From Bert's 80 year old Grandfather


Cotage Grove Origon

Dear Grand Son how are you
this leaves us al up and around
i recived your much welcom letter
some fue days back was glad to
here from you and to know that
you were well. the wether is
fine up here now chinging Just
rains and then rains some more
the rivers are up and every thing is
wet and not much going on but
they are keeping the rashnal bord
dry and boy they are sure rashning it
you can only have three or fore bens
or two smal or won medem won and
you can Just stick your potator finger in
the shuger bole whats if you don't wet it
if you wet it they wont let you haveng any
and it is a fine if they ketch eny body
eating a peace of meat with out a string
tide to it so that if you happen to
sweller it they can jurk it back and give
to the nex fuler to you boy we
are sure lerning manage and to con-
serve but that is alright if that
will whip the Japs I willing to do
with out lots of things. well Burt it has
ben quite a whle sence we went
up to the bohemy mines that was fine
trip even if was a raing and snowing
and the sun pop out every now
and then that was a prety sight
we dont do much runing around
now sence they Just alow you fore
galens of gas a weak makes a fuler
be kinder saving on gas and tiers
for he dont know what mite happing
mite want to go some whire in a
herry for sumthing or the Japs mite
go over here and we mite wont to vac
ake I rother get after them than
get after me. I cold almost run
faster behind than in the lead as i
dont hafto look back never cod run fast
looking over my sholder
we had alettor from the foax down
at medfort they al well but Erl he
seemed to be under the weather they
dident say what was rong with
him. Simom and Bess were up here
a weak ago and staid a copple of
days they wen back a weak ago
to day and the next day to californa
bobs wife seems to be getting a long
pety good at bobs Job so they say
i havent seen her or the baby sence
bob left but I from them rite a long
I haint runing around much stay
in out of the rain al that I am ding
is try to stay out of the way i was
down to medfort wonce sence you
left the foaks wer fine every body was
working say Burt you fixed those
romes up fine and those trees you
did fix them I hardle know the
place if they wood give you time
you would get that place to shine
Burt how do you like okloma prety
fine cantry dont you think
you sure can get your breth down there
that is some days or dos the wind
blow thire eny more it usto blow when

i lived thire but that has beng quite a
while a go I was south west Alva a
bout twent five miles say Burt thire
is a little woman on hamilton st that
wathes for the mail carier every day
and she has a letter to hand to him ***
and you got won for me havent you
well I had better close this as neues
is carse here excuse bad spelling and
writing yours truly from grandad
Davis and please rite again

A A Davis

***Ed. Note: That little woman waitingfor the mailman to pick up her letters
was Bert's wife, my Mom. Albert
Agustus Davis was my Great
Grandfather. Great Grandad was born
Dec. 17, 1862.
The letter was proof read a few tims and
the speelling and gramer and punkuashun
are as they wur rittin.



Tonight (Dec. 22, 1996) my husband Bob and I had "modern C rations" for dinner. This week-end we purchased 3 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). These are what our men in Desert Storm had as field rations. The pack had a good assortment and was fairly tasty. Not a gourmet meal, but it would have tasted great out in the field far from home. (or on a camping trip). There is a special plastic pouch included. Put your main course in the pouch, add a small amount of water and fold the top over to seal. Put it back in the heavy duty pouch everything came in and wait about 5 minutes. This pouch started steaming and finally became very hot to the touch. A hot meal and all we did was add cold water. What a great idea. Instant hot, just add water.

Apple Sauce (pretty good, but not Moms)
Escalloped Potatoes with ham (diced ham and rather tasty & packet of salt, no pepper)
A tiny glass bottle of Tobasco Hot Sauce, looks just like the big ones, red twist top, lable and all
Cheese paste and "soda" crackers (bland crackers, no salt)
Fruit punch (powdered, mix with water)
Chocolate Coated Brownie With Nuts (blah taste, sorta like health food bar)
Taster's Choice Instant Freeze Dried Coffee with packet of Non-Dairy Creamer and Sugar
Packet Of Hot Chocolate mix (Instruction say it can be mixed with cold water also)
Top Off with packet of 2 Chiclets Peppermint Gum
Clean up with a Refreshing Moist Towellette
Also included were a book of matches and what my husband called Egyptian Writing Paper
(a small packet of toilet paper, kinda thin like papyrus)

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