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    Love Letters In The Sands Of Time

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Actual Copy, press here

Prepare in Duplicate

Local Board No. 1 ---------95                                                                    Sept 25, 1942

Douglas County------------019


County Court House

Roseburg, Oregon


The President of the United States

To Delbert Martin Carstensen

Order No 1562


Having submitted yourself to a local board composed of your neighbors for the purpose of determining your availability for training and service in the armed forces of the United States, you are hereby notified that you have now been selected for training and service in the ARMY.

You will, therefore, report to the local board named above at Court House, Roseburg, Oregon at 10:30 P. M. on the 6th day of October, 1942

This local board will furnish transportation to an induction station of the service for which you have been selected. You will there be examined, and, if accepted for training and service, you will then be inducted into the stated branch of the service.

Persons reporting to the induction station in some instances may be rejected for physical or other reasons. It is well to keep this in mind in arranging your affairs, to prevent any undue hardship if you are rejected at the induction station. If you are employed, you should advise your employer of this notice and of the possibility that you may not be accepted at the induction station. Your employer can then be prepared to replace you if you are accepted, or to continue your employment if you are rejected.

Willful failure to report promptly to this local board at the hour and on the day named in this notice is a violation of the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, as amended, and subjects the violator to fine and imprisonment. Bring with you sufficient clothing for 3 days.

You must keep this form and bring it with you when you report to the local board.

If you are so far removed from your own local board that reporting in compliance with this order will be a serious hardship and you desire to report to a local board in the area of which you are now located, go immediately to the local board and make written request for transfer of your delivery for induction, taking this order with you.

Signed: Leon E. White, Member or clerk of the local board

D.S.S. Form 150 (Revised 6-15-42)


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