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    Bert & Louise

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    Love Letters In The Sands Of Time

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Journal of Louise as she left Oregon to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet Bert on his 1st 7 day furlough. He was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Tuesday Night

January 12, 1943

Left Medford, Oregon about 8 p.m. in a old rickety bus. The kind I always have to ride in it seems. My but it was foggy all the way to Ashland, Oregon and there we saw the moon and stars for the first time in days or has it been weeks.

My seat partner was Pfc. Carl McCormick from Camp White, Oregon. He was a very nice young chap. When we arrived in Dunsmuir, Calif., he helped me with my luggage and we rode in the same coach.

My what a night. About the time we would get ourselves comfortable the train would stop with a jerk. Consequently very little sleep for most of us. Oh yes, while riding on the bus we had in the seat in back of us 2 women and a spoiled 1 1/2 year old baby. One woman from Alaska told all of her troubles the past few years, her husband, and her ailments. They talked so loud we couldn't get any sleep. We thought when we got on the train we were rid of them but no such luck. Mrs. Alaska was there just as talkative.


January 13, 1943

Pfc. McCormick took me to breakfast in the dinner. I was just a wee bit train sick so consequently I wasn't very hungry, so I ordered orange juice, toast and coffee. Just as I finished my juice here came the Porter, saying we were at Davis, Calif. where I was supposed to get off to take a train to Sacramento, Calif. Well I had to leave my breakfast and new friend. After waiting an hour we caught the train into Sacramento. Had a lay over there until 3:30 p.m.

This afternoon I met a very charming lady going to Ogden, Utah. She had a double Pullman so invited me to ride with her, so now I'm riding in style. Will have a bed to night. Oh boy!

Had lunch in the diner, apple pie and coffee. I wasn't hungry as usual. I get a little train sick going around these curves. We are really beginning to get up high in the mountains. My are my ears ever popping and do they hurt.

I just wonder what my darling is doing tonight. We are one day nearer to the time when we shall be together again. It can't be soon enough for me.

We are having quite a bit of fun. There are 4 men in this car. Two soldiers, one sailor and a civilian that is practically out. Every time we see him he has a new bottle of whiskey. He doesn't talk dirty, is just funny.

We have been wondering who was going to sleep in the lower 7 as the drunk had upper 7.

When we arrived in Reno, Nevada, we had a 10 min. stop, so we made a dash for cokes. Had a glimpse of one of the big gambling places, The Palace Club. When we returned we had more passengers and in lower 7 was a woman just as bad as the man in upper 7. Then did we have fun.

Time for sleep.



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