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    Bert & Louise

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    Love Letters In The Sands Of Time

Romance & Love From Long Ago

Journal of Louise as she left Oregon to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet Bert on his 1st 7 day furlough. He was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.


January 16, 1943

Arrived in Lincoln at 10 a.m. this morning. Didn't have any trouble recognizing Ruth as she and Jeanne look so much alike. Dick was with her. We took a bus home. They said Bert would be in Sunday. It has turned colder and boy it goes right through a person. After getting to the house we had lunch and then I went to bed. Am I ever tired. Slept until 4 p.m. Put on fresh clothes and I felt better . Allan got home about 9 p.m. I had been playing with Dick and Arline. Some friends wanted them to come over and nothing must do but that I go to. There we drank cokes, visited and danced until 3:30 a.m. Boy was I all in. Came home, had a lunch and went to bed.


January 17,1943

Got up about 11:30. just fooled around all day. Wrote some letters and went to bed about 8 p.m. Word from Bert, he wont be her until Tuesday or Wednesday.


January 18, 1943

Up at 9:30 and is it cold. The wind has been blowing all day. Never got up to zero today. Allan and Ruth went to town. Too cold for me with no heavy clothes to put on. They brought my suitcase form the station. Have been wearing Ruth's' slacks so I can keep warm. Guess I'll have to buy me a pair. Worked on a jigsaw puzzle and did some needle work until 10:30 p.m. Then off to bed.


January 19, 1943

Another day nearer the time I'll see my darling. Up at 10 a.m. Ruth washed and I pressed all my things. Is warmer up to 10' above. Rolled up my hair. Got a letter from Mother.

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