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Northern Ireland

My Darling Wife,

Well here I am again darling still thinking of you and loving you with all my heart and soul. You are to me every thing I love in this old world. Your love for me sure means a lot to me. And I am really proud to be able to call you my own sweet darling.

What has my darling been doing this fine day, any thing new or just the things that need to be done. While you are getting back of your feet again. Do you feel any better since you started taking those treatment and staying off your feet some.

So Dad is feeling some better now hope he can keep on that way. Will be pretty hard on him if he goes down south and not feeling so well.

So Vivian is on the sick list with her nerves. That job is hard on her any way. And the long hours she has to put in. She will have to take it easy for a while.

You say Frank is trying to figure out his Income Tax, that will be quite a job if he doesn't put Mother in for a dependent. Will make it a lot better for him.

So you are thinking of the time I took you up to the Grove to see Mother are you. And what I said that afternoon just before I took Granddad up to the mines with me. Well as you see I ment every word I said at that time didn't I. Looking back to then I felt pretty sure of my self and knew what I wanted.

I haven't been doing anything new but think I may go to a show this evening if the rest of the boys go.

This afternoon just after chow one of my pals and I walked up to an old Castle around here and they say it was put up in 1180, that sure was a long time ago wasn't it. You get up on it and you can see for a long way around. There isn't very much left of it now, just parts of the walls.

Well my precious darling I seem to have run out of any thing to say only that I love you more and more each day if that is at all possible. So will say good night sweetheart and sweet dreams.

Forever and always yours. I love you.

Love, Yours Only,



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