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Romantic Letters
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Louise's second trip and journal written when she went to visit Bert in Oklahoma. This is the last time she saw him before he was shipped overseas and into the thick of World War II.

Monday May 24, 1943 Left Medford, OR at 7:30 p.m. My but it is crowded. They decided the it would be best if they added a second bus to handle the over-flow. At the state line the second bus caught up with us. They had a busted rod so 8 soldiers got on our bus and stood in the aisle. Then it was stuffy. We certainly had some beautiful views of Mt. Shasta. Prettier than any picture you ever saw. Arrived here in Dunsmiur, Calif. , at 10:45 p.m. . The train leaves here at 12:05. Nice long wait and very tiresome. I'm already tired and I'm this Barely stated. I'm this much closer to my darling. I'll surely be glad when I get on that train. Here's hoping I can sleep. The way I feel I could sleep most anywhere. As soon as the dinning room clears a little bit to eat. Time out for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Just in time I here the train pulling in. So by for now. Am I lucky in getting a Chair car. Shared my seat with an elderly woman . Didn't get much sleep. But rested some. My but the train is crowded. Good night more tomorrow.

Tuesday May 25, 1943 They woke everyone up at 5 a.m. Oh dear everyone is so sleepy. Here it is only 6:45 and I'm wide awake. This morning will be my first visit to San Francisco. Probably won't see much of it. Riding a train one sees the worse part of a city. Arrived at the Oakland pier at 10 a.m. Left on the ferry at 10:45 arriving in San Francisco about 11. Took a taxi to the Santa Fe depot. Boy what a ride. I don't think I would care to live here at all., of course I didn't see much of the city. I cleaned up and ate. Then walked down the street a couple of blocks and bought a suitcase. One of the catches on my little one is broken and with so much stuff it would hardly stay shut. I came back to the depot and laid down and went to sleep. Took the bus over the Oakland to catch the train. I'm, in an old time chair car. Not very comfortable I must say. Now at 2:30 p.m. we are on our way. Boy what an afternoon. I've had a headache so bad I could hardly stand. Can't use my eyes much. Have been sleeping when I could. It is so hot and miserable, they finally turned some bans on. That helped some. Here it is 10 p.m. and no cooler. Seems it is stuffier since we have had to pull the shades(because of the war , blackout rules). I went to the lounge and washed good. Feel somewhat refreshed. But it won't be long until I'll be as sweaty as ever. I have to change trains in Barstow at 5 a.m. Hope I get a better seat than I have now. I'll be about dead if I have to ride this way much longer. My right leg and foot ate just about to kill me. The same old trouble. Wish my darling were here to keep up my spirits. Well are another day journey near each other now. Thank the good Lord for that. I can hardly wait until Friday gets here and I can have a bed and My Darling. Time for some shut eye. Good night diary.

Wednesday May 26, 1943 Up at 5:00 a.m. Not to much rest last night. Was in Barstow over and hour. My, but this is desolate country and It is really getting warm Is going to be a scorcher today. I'm still in and old coach. My right leg and foot are certainly giving me troubles. Well, it is worth the pain and tiredness to get to be with my darling again. Had breakfast about 11:00 , eggs, toast and coffee. Came back to find that the Lieutenant that had been setting with me had left us at Needles and another soldier had taken his place.. He was really a jolly fellow. Never a dull moment. His buddy is sitting with a girl behind me. Late the evening we turned our seat so we all visit. The soldier that was with me got off at Flagstaff, Arizona. I thought I would have the seat to my self but no such luck. It is almost impossible to sleep. I'm really dead tired. Haven't slept any all day. My but we have seen some desolate country today. How I wish it were tomorrow at this time 11:00.


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