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Nothing beats the feeling of being loved. The stars shine so much brighter, the birds sound melodic and life seems perfect.



10:49 PM 7/15/96

the fates intercede
who could believe
twinkle stars shine moon
love begins to swoon
no chance to fall
cinderella's at the ball
just a lucky chance
the words flow like silk
love starts to bloom
the hearts go boom
fall down the wall
cinderella's at the ball
the lovers embrace
symbols become real
lips touch so sweet
this cant be beat
another phone call
cinderella's at the ball
eyes dance afire
hands touch heaven
soft like an angel
emotions start the tangle
both stand tall
cinderella's at the ball
sweet caressed
words turn to dust
feeling so alive
born anew we thrive
we dance for all
cinderella's at the ball
kisses rain
soft and tender
arms and embraces
love shines on our faces
for once we have it all
cinderella's at the ball
dance on and love
bodies get hot
warm pulsations
become our sensations
passion's duty is the call
cinderella's at the ball

dave gitomer


I can't have enough of you

by D. L.

You're fresh air
my life's ingredient
i breathe you
i inhale you
i can't have enough of you ~

You're spring water
pure and clean
transparent and lively
you flows in my heart
and fills me with joy
i can't have enough of you ~

You're sunshine
brightens my face and day
i walk towards you
try to hold you
i can't have enough of you ~
i can't have enough of you ~~~




Somtimes life's tail entwine
Searching to find love devine.
Hoping to make one of twain
Empty soul, her tolls remain.
Then we stagger up that steep plateau,
Shouting "Houray!" to all below.
Up here the air is clean
Makes you sleep, heavenly dream.
Heart made one, three cords strong,
Bound by God, all love belong.
His ageless hands will part us nought
Destined to hear all he taught.
Her hair flows, heaven's flare.
Eyes that glisten, her soul made bare.
I turn to her.
She then to me.
This love will always
Set us free.


I loved you once, this I know.

I love you now, though I don't let it show.

Will I love you forever, this I don't know.

But I do know one thing, this love never had the chance to grow.

W. Ferdinand


----- Am I Happy With You?

(a short mindless prose dedicated to Marigold)

How could I possibly explain

the thoughts that run through my brain?

For a start,

let me impart

some wealthy adjectives to shower

upon my little garden flower.

You are merry, and your smile bright.

Many times you have withered my blight.

Sitting alone with my boredom sheer,

you melt it with your warming cheer.

But to not only me do you brighten days.

Everyone can feel your compassionate displays.

Whether you know it or not,

a caring soul you've certainly got.

Now I suppose I could go on,

but my rhyming mind is not quite brawn.

So when I tell you these things,

just know that your presence happiness brings.

----- Chad Long (


One Minute

Somewhere deep in a dream

I am allowed to spend a minute with you

This is what I would do with you:

Hold you in my arms as I stare into your eyes,

without a word let you know the love I have for you.

Anywhere in the backside of my mind

I am told I can be with you for a hour

This is how I would want to spend it:

Next to a small lake on a spring day, holding your hand,

as we walk about, laugh and smile about silly things.

Nowhere in a daze I listen,

I hear that I have one day of your life,

This is what I would like to do with it:

From the time you awake, until we fall asleep in each otherís arms

I want everything I do to let you know you are a princess.

Here in front of my closed eyes

I see that I can be with you for the rest of my life

This is what I want to do:

Remember, learn, grow, laugh, cry, smile, sigh with you.

And always find some time to - Hold you in my arms as I stare into

your eyes

copyright 1996 David Lyons


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