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Love can be good,
Love can be bad,
But without love,
Life can't be had.

Wendy Ferdinand


I loved you once, this I know.
I love you now, though I don't let it show.
Will I love you forever, this I don't know.
But I do know one thing,
this love never had the chance to grow.
W. Ferdinand


I have been looking for my love,
You say you've seen him.
I have been looking for my soul mate,
You say I know who it is.
I mean the man I can share anything with,
You say I need to pay attention.
I say if I only knew,
all this time it was you.
You say Finially!
Wendy Ferdinand


IF I could tell you how much I love you,
If only you could see into my heart.
You would know I've always loved you,
You would know my heart is yours.
But maybe from where you are you can see,
Maybe from where you are, you know more than I.
If it's true please know this now,
We will be together again when I die.
Wendy Ferdinand


Love can be good,
Love can be bad,
But without love,
Life can't be had.
Wendy Ferdinand


I want to know what will
grow of this
and if you knew of this
when the two of us
looked first into the fire.
I want never to tire
of the shine in your hair
and the smile that you wear
when I say hello.
You look as though
you didn't know
I was there
when all the while
you knew
not only
that there I was
but that
from where I was
I watched you too.
Love is happy when it's new.
It makes it very hard to do
what we must do
but there is
little to be done
until the fun
runs away with the moon.

Bonnie Rottstin



I'd like to build a playhouse
way up in a tree
And start my own religion
where I only worship me

I think I'd paint my shoes all gold
and only wear maroon
In fall I'd go and hunt for frogs
down by the lagoon

My diet will consist of yams
I'll cook them many ways
I'll eat only out of coffee mugs
except for Saturdays

On Saturdays I'll have a feast
and invite all of my neighbors
They'll dance and sing and all get high
then go back to their trailers

But I wouldn't be so happy
living in my tree
If I didn't have you by my side
living there with me

We'll make love when the sun is out
and again under the stars
You'll show me all the planets
and we'll plan to go to mars

If you took to wearing paisley
I think you'd look quite dashing
With Jack Purcell's and puka shells
and socks that are not matching

We will live together side by side
as long as we are able
Then they'll put our ashes in a jar
and set them on a table

Come spring they'll spread our ashes out
atop an apple seed
A tree will grow strong and bear fruit
upon which our friends will feed

Tabitha Mueller


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